Strapless Bras For Plus Size Ladies Who Have DD + Larger

DD cup and larger bras

DD cup and larger bras

Being born with breast means your life is already filled with some complications. Shopping for bras is just one of them. If you happen to be like me and have breast that are over a DD cup then congratulations, its even more complicated than it is for the average woman that can walk into Victoria’s Secret and get a bra. While choices are more limited, don’t let it get you down because we do still have options.

Before I get into talking about the options, I want to talk about what inspired this article a bit. Off an on for the last few months I keep seeing an article pop up in different Plus Size groups and forums from Nylon magazine. It is The Best Bras For Busty Women. And inevitably the conversation turns to complaints that how is this article even real since no bra sizes were included over a cup size of DD or a band size of 38. And I have to say I agree. I’m not saying the women in the article don’t have real concerns of their own, but lets show some really big chested women. We all want to know where to find strapless bras. And really over the years, this has been a constant question from various friends of mine as well. So I thought it was time to put my shopping skills to use and help all the ladies out.

Places I Highly Recommend

First I wanted to talk about the strapless bras that I have personally tried and love. They are not only supportive, but they are also comfortable. This is a hard to find combination in a strapless bra, especially the larger your bra size.

Goddess Lingerie

Bridal White Lace Bustier

This is their Bridal Bra. They also sell on Amazon, and you can find some of their discontinued styles on there as well, including some strapless styles not on their website. Goddess bras tend to be very structured. This is why they offer such good support, but since they are not padded they are not good for wearing under thin fabrics. Best for thicker fabrics or formals. or under layered outfits. Available in sizes 34B to 50FF.


Smoothing Underwired Moulded Strapless Bra

This is their Strapless Smoothing Bra. It can be easily worn under just about any fabric. This is going to be the one you want for more of an everyday kind of wear. It has less structure than the Goddess bras, but it still feels almost as secure. This is the one I have had the longest, and I have now worn it so long its past the point that I need to replace it. Its available in two colors. Their sizing is a little more complicates, so its best to look at the charts, but they have band sizes up to 48 and cups up to G.

Other Strapless Bras I Have Tried

These are all the brands I have also tried. There are nothing really wrong with them, they just aren’t my favorites. But all breast are not created equally, we all have different fit issues, so they may be worth trying for you.


Underwire Molded cup strapless bra

This is their Red Carpet Strapless Full Busted Underwire Bra. It does seem to be good for lower cut dresses. For me it just wasn’t a super comfortable bra, so I tend to not reach for it first. There seems to be some discrepancy on their website as to whether this is available in two or three colors. Available in sizes 30DD to 44G.

Lane Bryant/Cacique

Lane Bryant Strapless convertible bra

This is their Multi-way strapless bra. They do have a few other strapless bras, but this is the one I have tried. Again there is nothing really wrong with this one, but I did personally feel the bad ran a little tighter on this one compared to their normal bras, so I end I up feeling like I can’t breath when I wear it. Its available in two colors. And their sizing is also a little complicated, but its available in band sizes up to 46 and cups up to H.

Brands I Haven’t Tried Their Strapless Bras

There are a couple of brands, that while I have tried their bras and liked them I have not tried their strapless bras. But I wanted to include them here so everyone would be aware of them as options.

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra

This is their Luxe Bra in Black. My experience with Curvy Kate thus far has been quite good. The only downside is they are not super inclusive on the band sizes on every bra. Its better on some of the full coverage bras, but this particular bra the band is only available up to a band size of 38 and a cup size of H. Even if this bra doesn’t work for you, Curvy Kate is a brand I do highly recommend otherwise, so make sure you check out their other bras to find one that fits you.


Torrid Strapless Bra

This is not technically a strapless bra, it is their Multi-Way Bra. I have tried a couple of bras from Torrid. They don’t rank as my favorite, but they are decent bras. They are definitely worth giving a try if they carry your size range. This is available in band sizes up to a 48 and cup sizes up to DDD. –  UPDATE – Apparently these bras are available up to a G cup, but were just out of stock online when I wrote this.

Let me know if I missed your favorite brand for strapless bras. Have you tried the ones I mentioned? If so, what did you think of them?

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