How My Plus Size Life The Blog Came To Be

In case we haven’t met before, my name is Karen, and I run this blog. I also run several social media accounts by the same name. You might be wondering how I became a blogger, and the best I can say is I think it is a culmination of work and education experience along with personal passions and desire to help people.

I will start by saying I have almost always had a passion for fashion. I enjoyed shopping and appreciated the power clothes had to change how you feel about yourself. I was always the girl that got stopped on the street to be asked where I got something and friends were always asking for me to help them with their wardrobe. But that wasn’t a direct route to blogging.

I actually went to college and got a degree in web design, which I successfully used for several years. During college I actually worked for a while as an editor at a well known book publishing company. But after college and working in web design I eventually transitioned to working as a freelance writer. During this time I felt very constrained and wanted to write about more than what I could for the few publications I was writing for. I felt really inspired by a few bloggers and decided to branch out give it a try myself, and here we are. My Plus Size Life was born.

Picture of My Plus Size Life/Karen Pemberton